The Victoria Falls the the first time

Adventure diaries…

The first time you look at the Victoria falls your eyes and your entire body goes straight in great awe. The second, third, forth time for me still felt like the first time. Its like falling inlove with the same person  all over again.. (tho I have not experienced this love thing yet, lol.)

Looking at the falls yesterday made me think of God’s love for us. Remember that famous line that goes like “Jesus, you are the cup that wont run dry”. His love for us is unfailing and never ending, his grace his always sufficient for us, his mercies are new every morning. I stood by just watching the water flow and it made me realize that that’s how God love towards us is like. The intensity of the water, the freshness of the air, the way you just stand still when you look the falls the first time. That’s how Gods love towards his children is like. Its deep, fresh and pure.

He loves us with the same intensity that he loves his son Jesus Christ..

I choose to see beauty and Christ in everything that leaves me in great awe..


Enjoy the photos…

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